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Our online childcare courses offer a convenient and accessible way for professionals to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills. These courses cover various areas such as child development, behaviour management, safety procedures, and inclusive practices.

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Empowering Child Care Professionals Through Comprehensive Courses

Our childcare courses, accredited by CPD, offer comprehensive training and certification in child welfare and safety. In today’s landscape, skilled childcare professionals are essential for quality early childhood education and care. These courses cover crucial areas like child development, health, safety, and inclusive environments, ensuring participants are well-prepared to provide nurturing care. By undertaking these courses, professionals enhance their abilities, enrich children’s experiences, and contribute positively to their overall well-being and growth.

Child Care CPD Accredited Online Courses

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Chaperones Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Training Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Diabetes in Children Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Dysphagia Awareness Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

First Aid – Paediatrics (2 Courses Bundle)


Food Hygiene And Safety For Childminders (Level 2) Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Managing Oral Health Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Paediatric First Aid – Level 3 Course

Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £14.90.

Providing Fluids and Nutrition (Hydration) Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Resuscitation – Paediatrics: An Understanding Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Resuscitation – Paediatrics: CPR, Choking, and Resuscitation Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Safeguarding Children in Education, for Schools and Colleges (Level 2)

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Safeguarding Children Level 1 Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Safeguarding Children Level 2 Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Safeguarding Children Level 3 Course

Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £14.90.

Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Safeguarding in Sport Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Safeguarding Service Users from Abuse & Improper Treatment Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Understanding Self-Harm Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Childcare Online Courses

Planning child care training is simple with Caredemy’s online child care courses.

A career in childcare is incredibly rewarding; you can make a real difference in young people’s lives. No two days are the same, which makes working in childcare thrilling.

But it is also vital to adapt to the latest developments through regular childcare training. We work with qualified childcare professionals to design comprehensive courses that will equip staff with the knowledge they need daily.

All our courses include intuitive training materials accessed via our Personal Learner Dashboard or downloaded for offline use. Your learning can fit easily into a busy schedule.

Each one includes:

  • Downloadable course content for laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  • 12 months of access once we receive your payment
  • Nationally recognised certification
  • Unlimited exam resits during the 12-month access period
  • A personal reporting dashboard
  • Support from our knowledgeable team

Topics You Can Study

We have interactive childcare courses for childminders, nannies and other childcare workers, including essential subjects like:

We also offer a fantastic range of budget-friendly health and care training bundles with 12 months of unlimited access to over 160 courses.

Early Years Childcare Courses

Our safeguarding and childcare courses are suitable additions to your preparation to work with children from birth to age five, covering all aspects of their development and care. They are ideal for early years settings such as nurseries and preschools, or those considering childminding or nanny roles.

SEN Childcare Courses

For individuals interested in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) care, our course on safeguarding children with disabilities is a valuable addition. It provides essential knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and well-being of children with disabilities, a crucial aspect of working in SEN and SENCO roles. Understanding how to effectively safeguard and support children with disabilities is fundamental in providing inclusive and supportive environments, making this course highly relevant for those pursuing careers in this field.

Young People’s Wellbeing Courses

Our diverse range of courses offers comprehensive introductions to various aspects of children’s well-being in childcare roles, covering topics such as autism spectrum disorder, designated safeguarding lead training, safeguarding in educational settings at multiple levels, safeguarding children with disabilities, sports safeguarding, protection of vulnerable service users, the Mental Capacity Act, and understanding self-harm. Each course equips childcare professionals with essential knowledge and skills to ensure the safety, protection, and holistic development of the children in their care, fostering inclusive and supportive environments tailored to diverse needs.

Who are Childcare Courses Suitable for?

Our child care training courses are ideal for childminders, nannies, and initial training programmes in nurseries and preschools. If you’re considering a new childcare career, they make a fantastic addition to your CV. However, they are also great additions for teaching assistants, especially our well-being and safeguarding courses helping a TA to support a teacher and keep the children safe in a range of scenarios.

We specifically designed them for simple, flexible training; you can study our courses online or download the course materials for offline learning.

They are all CPD-accredited, making them ideal for a successful childcare CPD training programme that updates your staff’s knowledge and protects the children in their care.

Who are Childcare Courses Suitable for?

We are a leading online childcare course provider. Here is why hundreds of trainees choose us: 


We are endorsed by Skills for Care, accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO), and our courses are designed in collaboration with industry experts.

Industry Insight

Our courses exceed industry standards, delivering the knowledge and best practices your staff needs to provide safe and effective care.

Intuitive Dashboard

You can organise your staff training programme with our Learner Management System. Select the individuals on training courses, follow their progress and ensure they are completed satisfactorily. Its reporting tools simplify your record-keeping for annual inspections.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our 14-day Money-Back guarantee gives you complete confidence in all our online childcare courses.

Benefits of Training at Home

An online course in childcare offers several benefits:

Various Training Levels

We offer courses that can help anyone, from those starting to learn about childcare to experienced professionals. 

Downloadable Content

All our resources are downloadable, providing the flexibility to study anywhere. 

Study at Your Own Pace

You can complete your course as quickly or as slowly as you wish; you have course access for 12 months. Your development fits into your schedule.


Learning at home with preprepared courses saves hundreds on educational materials. Our prices start from 46p per week.

How to Enrol

You can book your childcare online courses easily through each specific course page. And with prices starting from just 46p per learner per week, they are ideal training solutions for all childcare providers.

Our expert Support Team is available if you need assistance planning your staff training programme or have queries about individual courses. We can also migrate your training programme to our Learner Management System.


Pursuing a career as a childminder involves completing relevant training and obtaining necessary certifications. Consider enrolling in our CPD-accredited childcare courses to gain the required skills and knowledge.

Enrolment is available year-round, offering flexibility for individuals to start their training whenever they're ready. Visit our website to explore our range of online childcare courses.

If you require assistance during your training, we provide a range of resources to support you. Our expert Support Team is available to assist with planning your staff training program, answering queries about courses, and even migrating your training program to our Learner Management System for streamlined management.

Our courses are online, meaning there is no waiting list to begin your course. Simply enrol when you are ready to start and access everything on the Internet, wherever you are.

There is no age restriction for studying with Caredemy. Our courses are designed to accommodate learners of all ages and levels of experience, providing opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing a career in childcare.

Online learning offers distinct advantages over traditional study packs. Our courses are CPD-accredited, exceed industry standards, and feature an intuitive dashboard for easy progress tracking and record-keeping. Additionally, online courses provide flexibility, downloadable resources, and affordability, making them a convenient and cost-effective option for childcare training.

Steps to becoming a nursery nurse typically involve completing relevant training and obtaining certifications, such as a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare. Consider enrolling in our accredited childcare courses to gain the necessary skills and qualifications for a rewarding career as a nursery nurse.

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