Care Awareness Training Courses

Care Awareness Training Courses equip individuals with key competencies and a comprehensive understanding of care practices. These courses foster awareness, empathy, and proficiency in communication, person-centered care, safety protocols, and ethics, contributing to the quality of care services.

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Care Awareness Training Courses: Enhancing Compassionate and Effective Care

In the demanding and critical field of healthcare and social care, professionals understand the importance of continuous professional development (CPD) to enhance their skills and knowledge. Care Awareness CPD online training courses offer a convenient and accessible way for individuals to deepen their understanding and improve their competence in providing compassionate and effective care. These courses focus on key areas such as interpersonal communication, person-centered care, health and safety protocols, and ethical considerations. By engaging in Care Awareness CPD online training courses, professionals can stay updated with best practices, foster empathy, and contribute to the overall quality and safety of care services.

Care Awareness CPD Accredited Online Courses

Alcohol-use Disorders Course


Anaphylaxis Course


Anxiety and Panic Attacks Course


Brain Injury Course


COVID-19 Awareness Course


Diabetes in Adults Course


Diabetes in Children Course


Domestic Violence and Abuse – Level 1 Course


Drugs and Alcohol National Occupational Standards Course


Dysphagia Awareness Course


Epilepsy Awareness Course


Legionnaire’s Disease Course


Managing Urinary Incontinence Course


Motor Neuron Disease Course


Parkinson’s Disease Course


Providing Fluids and Nutrition (Hydration) Course


Safe Handling of Sharps and Needles Course


Sepsis Awareness Course


Sexual Orientation And Discrimination Course


Skin Diseases At Work Course


Stroke Awareness & Rehabilitation Course


Suicide Prevention Course


Understanding Self-Harm Course



Online Care Awareness Courses

Everyone who works in the health and care sector must receive regular training to ensure that they can perform their role safely and effectively.

But even if you don’t work in the care sector, learning about physical and mental health conditions or other issues that might affect your co-workers or clients can still be beneficial. So we’ve created a range of online care awareness courses that focus on the crucial matters you need to know about.

Caredemy Online Care Awareness Training

Caredemy care awareness online courses help you to learn about health conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes. These are very common in the general population, so no matter where you work, it’s highly likely that you will come into contact with people who have one of these conditions. Taking courses such as a diabetes awareness training course can help you understand and empathise with their experiences so you can support them better.

Some of our other care awareness courses deal with topics like domestic violence and stress. Learning about topics such as those included in our drug and alcohol awareness course can help you understand how they might affect colleagues, clients or other people you meet during your daily life.

You can study online or download the course materials to study whenever you want. This makes it even more convenient to fit your studies into your busy day. The personalised learner dashboard helps you to keep track of your progress and allows you to pick up from where you left off at the end of your last study session.

And once you’ve passed the end-of-course assessment, you can download a CPD-accredited course certificate or pay a small fee to have a certificate posted to you.

In addition to our online care courses, we offer a massive choice of specific standalone health and social care elearning courses. We also have a great value range of health and care training packages, with prices as low as 46p per user per week for a full year’s access.

Who will benefit from Caredemy care awareness online training courses?

Anyone can benefit from our online care awareness courses, whether you work in the care sector or not. Learning about the health conditions and issues covered in this course range will help you to understand how they affect the people around you.

If you are already working in the care sector, these training courses will help you improve the skills you need in your role. And because our courses have received CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) accreditation, they also provide an excellent option for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training.

If you want to start working in the health and social care sector, adding these courses to your CV will demonstrate your interest in the sector and commitment to learning the skills you need.

And even if you work in a different sector, the knowledge you gain from these courses will help to build your confidence in supporting colleagues, employees and clients.

Why book online care awareness training through Caredemy?

Caredemy is a leading UK provider of online healthcare courses. Our courses are written by industry experts, and we regularly monitor changes in the statutory guidance and legislation to ensure you always receive up-to-date and engaging course content.

You will have 24/7/365 access to our online care awareness courses on computers, mobile phones and tablets, so it’s easy to study the latest care sector knowledge whenever you want.

If you’re organising staff training programmes, our simple Learning Management System allows you to enrol learners on the appropriate course and track their learning progress. This helps you to fulfil your legal duty of care in the key areas required by inspections.

And if you need assistance with migrating from your present training admin system to the Caredemy Learning Management System, our team is on hand to help.

In fact, we’re so sure you’ll be satisfied with your Caredemy online care awareness training that we offer a full 14-day Money-Back guarantee on all our courses.

Ready for the next step?

It’s easy to sign up for a Caredemy care awareness course online. Just visit the web page for your chosen course, where you can sign up and receive instant access to your course materials.

If you have any questions about our courses or need assistance setting up a training programme, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly e-learning Sales Team, who will be happy to help.

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