Bundled CPD Training Courses

Our CPD Training Bundled Courses are tailored to offer an educational experience in various sectors. Each bundle comprises a selection of CPD-accredited courses. Swap the hassle of individual course enrolment with our bundled courses and step up your professional development journey efficiently.

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Maximise Your Professional Growth with CPD Online Bundled Training Courses

Welcome to the world of streamlined professional growth with our CPD Online Bundled Training Courses. Embrace the opportunity to advance your career with expertly curated education packages that not only save you time and money but also meticulously cater to your continual professional development (CPD) needs. Our bundled courses, accredited by relevant bodies, are crafted to cover the essential spectra of your chosen field, combining convenience with depth to propel your expertise and compliance with industry standards. Engage in our tailored bundles and commit to your professional excellence with ease and efficiency.

Bundled Courses CPD Accredited Online Training

Agency Care & Bank Staff Online Training (160+ Courses)

£60.00 / year

Care Refresher Training Courses

£50.00 / year

Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) Courses Bundle


Domiciliary Home Carer 1 Day Mandatory (17 Courses) course

Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £50.00.

Essential Care Skills: The Comprehensive Course

Original price was: £120.00.Current price is: £25.00.

Healthcare Assistant HCA Online Training (160+ Courses)

£60.00 / year

Level 3 Leadership Mastery: Course Bundle for Supervisors and Team Leaders in Health and Social Care

Original price was: £178.80.Current price is: £60.00.

Level 4 Courses in Health and Social Care Management Bundle

Original price was: £149.00.Current price is: £50.00.

Mandatory & Core Social Care Training Courses

£50.00 / year

Mandatory & Statutory Healthcare Training Courses

£50.00 / year

Medication Medicine Health and Social Care Course Bundle

Original price was: £77.15.Current price is: £50.00.

Mental Health In Care & Nursing Course Bundle

Original price was: £220.00.Current price is: £60.00.

Unlock All Courses (200+)

£60.00 / year

Unlock Professional Potential with Caredemy’s Bundled CPD Online Training Courses

In a dynamic world where professional development is the backbone of career success, Caredemy emerges as a linchpin for health and social care professionals across the UK. Our platform offers CPD (Continual Professional Development) accredited online training courses that are not only economical but boast high-quality, user-friendly experiences available anytime, anywhere.

The beating heart of our offerings is the meticulously curated bundled courses, which have become a catalyst for those keen to amplify their skill set while adhering to the stringent standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and other regulatory bodies. These bundles encapsulate an array of topics, from Care Certificate standards to specialised courses in food hygiene, first aid, and safeguarding, ensuring a well-rounded provisioning of knowledge tailored to the needs of healthcare and social care sectors.

One may ponder, what sets Caredemy’s bundles apart? The answer lies in the fusion of quality and value. With a promise to save up to 51% on individual CPD courses, our bundles have been engineered to provide affordability without compromising on the comprehensive learning experience required in the care sectors. Explore options like our Care Mandatory Courses, encompassing 25 mandatory and core CPD courses, now available at a notable discount, ensuring you save significantly while elevating your qualifications.

Notably, our best-value proposition is the unlimited access package. This jewel in the Caredemy crown grants 12 months of unrestricted entry to over 200 courses, translating to an equivalent of £5 per month. It’s an unparalleled offering for dedicated professionals aiming to maximise their development potential.

Moreover, Caredemy isn’t just about savings; it is also about convenience and quality. Our Learner Management System is hailed for its ease of use, making staff training a breeze. As endorsed by Skills for Care and accredited by the CPD Standards Office, we pride ourselves on being one of the top learning and development providers in social care, enriching our courses with the latest industry insights and practice standards.

For those seeking immediate enlightenment, our beloved Care Certificate Course covers all 15 standards in a user-friendly format that includes workbooks, assessments, and instant course access.

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