Clinical Special Care Skills CPD Online Training Courses

Clinical special care CPD online training offers a way for individuals to improve their proficiency in providing specialised care. These courses focus on key areas such as condition-specific care, advanced assessment techniques, therapeutic interventions, and evidence-based practices.

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Improving Patient Outcomes through Clinical Special Care Training Courses

Clinical Special Care Training equips you with the advanced skills and knowledge to expertly manage patients with complex health conditions. This in-demand specialisation positions you as a leader in your field, opening doors to career advancement and increased earning potential.

Here’s what sets you apart with Clinical Special Care Training:

  • Master advanced assessment techniques to accurately identify patient needs.
  • Deliver specialised care that effectively manages complex symptoms.
  • Provide compassionate palliative care, improving patient comfort and well-being.
  • Become an expert in patient-centred care, ensuring treatment plans are tailored to individual needs.

The result? Improved patient outcomes, greater satisfaction, and a rewarding career where you make a real impact.

Clinical Special Care CPD Accredited Online Courses

Acute Care Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Blood Transfusions Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Catheterisation Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Control and Administration of Medicines: Risk Assessments, Reporting, and Administration Level 3 Course

Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £14.90.

End of Life Care for Adults Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Fluid Balance & Vital Signs Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Managing Oral Health Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Managing Patient Deaths (3 Course Bundle)


Managing Patient Deaths: An Understanding – Level 1 Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Managing Patient Deaths: Communication & Empathy – Level 2 Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Managing Patient Deaths: Compliance & Management – Level 3 Course

Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £14.90.

National Early Warning Score in Community Nursing & Residential Homes Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Palliative & End of Life Care Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Acute & Community Settings Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Safe Handling of Sharps and Needles Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Vaccinations and Immunisations: An Understanding of the Importance of Vaccines Level 2 Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Vaccinations and Immunisations: Vaccination Schedules, Administration, and Procedures Level 3 Course

Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £14.90.

Venepuncture and Cannulation Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Venous Thromboembolism Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Clinical Specialist Care Online Courses

Clinical specialist care professionals play a vital role in supporting patients with complex medical needs. Caredemy’s online courses empower you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in this rewarding career path.

Our interactive courses offer

  • Flexible Learning: Train on your time, online or offline.
  • Engaging Format: Retain information through interactive elements.
  • On-Demand Access: Learn and revisit course materials for a full year.
  • Nationally Recognised Certificates: Validate your expertise to employers and patients.
  • High-Quality Learning Materials: Access comprehensive resources from any device.
  • Unlimited Exam Resits: Ensure you master the material.
  • 24/7 Support Team: Get the help you need, whenever you need it.
  • Personal Progress Tracking: Monitor your learning journey.

You Can Benefit from Clinical Specialist Care Training

Caredemy’s online clinical specialist care training courses are excellent options for onboarding new healthcare staff. They are suitable for healthcare workers in a range of specialised fields, including:

  • Specialist Palliative Care Nurses
  • Paediatric Nurses
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists

Our online clinical specialist care training range offers an array of CPD-accredited courses that make ideal refresher or CPD training.

Trusted for Clinical Training

As a top UK provider of online training for health and social care professionals, we collaborate with experts in the healthcare sector to create excellent training courses.

With us, you benefit from:

  • Expert-Led Courses: We collaborate with healthcare professionals to develop high-quality training programs.
  • Industry-Endorsed: Our courses are certified by Skills for Care, meeting CQC training requirements and CPDSO standards.
  • Always Up to Date: We continually update our materials to ensure your staff learns the latest best practices.
  • Investment in Excellence: Equip your team with the skills to deliver exceptional patient care.
  • Engaging & Flexible: Our informative courses allow learners to progress at their own pace and apply knowledge immediately.

We Make Training Easy

Caredemy’s user-friendly LMS streamlines staff training. Easily manage everything – identify learners, assign courses, track progress, and compile records.

Empower your team with customised training plans that address your specialised care facility’s needs. Ensure your staff is fully prepared for any challenge.

Get started with confidence. Our support team helps you transition, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, and cost-effective packages grant access to 160+ online courses for a year.

Focus on patients. Let Caredemy handle training.

Take the Next Step

So take the next step towards enhancing the skills and knowledge of your clinical specialist care staff by enrolling them in Caredemy’s online health and social care courses. By investing in your team’s professional development, you are not only improving the quality of care provided to your patients but also fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within your organisation.

To enrol in a Caredemy clinical specialist care online training course, you simply need to browse our website, select your course and register online. You’ll gain instant course access once payment is processed.

If you have any queries or want to discuss your training programme, please get in touch with our expert Support Team, who are on hand to assist.

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