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Our Safeguarding CPD Online Courses deliver essential skills in child and vulnerable adult protection. Become proficient in abuse detection, reporting, and prevention strategies. Ideal for professionals in health and educational services.

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Introduction to Safeguarding CPD Online Courses

Welcome to our Safeguarding CPD Online Courses, an essential toolkit for all professionals involved in caring for children and vulnerable adults. These courses, designed to be comprehensive yet flexible, offer critical knowledge about identification, reporting and prevention of abuse. They are aimed at educators, health providers, and care workers looking to progress their safeguarding capabilities, while meeting their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations. With our courses, you don’t just fulfill your CPD requirements; you also gain the skills to create safer environments for everyone under your care.

Safeguarding CPD Accredited Online Courses

Designated Safeguarding Lead Training Course


Female Genital Mutilation Course


Safeguarding Adults in Care Homes Course


Safeguarding Adults Level 1 Course


Safeguarding Adults Level 2 Course


Safeguarding Adults Level 3 Course


Safeguarding Children in Education, for Schools and Colleges (Level 2)


Safeguarding Children Level 1 Course


Safeguarding Children Level 2 Course


Safeguarding Children Level 3 Course


Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Course


Safeguarding in Sport Course


Safeguarding Service Users from Abuse & Improper Treatment Course


Safeguarding Training for Taxi Drivers Course


Violence Against Women Course



Safeguarding Courses at Caredemy

Caredemy, a leading online care skills academy, has curated a comprehensive range of online courses specifically tailored for healthcare and social care sectors. One of the prominent categories of CPD accredited courses that the academy offers is focused on safeguarding. These courses are designed to enable professionals to create safe environments for children and vulnerable adults.

Variety of Safeguarding Courses
Caredemy offers a detailed catalog of safeguarding courses designed for various levels.

Safeguarding Children Level 1: This foundational course introduces learners to the fundamentals of child safeguarding and is ideal for anyone new to the field.

Safeguarding Children Level 2 and Level 3: For those looking to expand their knowledge in child safeguarding, these courses provide a more in-depth exploration of the topic.

Safeguarding Adults Level 3: This course is for professionals working with vulnerable adults, helping them to identify, respond, and mitigate risks of exploitation or abuse to the adults in their care.

Affordable Learning
Caredemy’s courses are not only high-quality but also reasonably priced, making safeguarding education accessible to more individuals. They often run discounts, such as their current 51% off on selected courses. Furthermore, regular sales and special offers provide an opportunity for learners to take advantage of even greater savings.

Course Structure and Features
The courses are user-friendly, interactive, and easy to navigate. They come with multiple-choice quizzes and assessments to evaluate learners’ understanding of the courses. Instant professional certificates are available which could be either downloaded or printed upon the successful completion of courses.

Caredemy also offers the feature of learning offline by allowing learners to download course material. This emphasizes flexibility and convenience for learners who can study at their own pace and in their own time.

Quality and Compliance
Caredemy prides itself on offering courses that are approved and accredited by the CPD Standards Office. It means that completing these courses counts towards continuous professional development. Caredemy’s dedication to high-quality training is also underlined by its endorsement from Skills for Care, England’s leading authority in workforce development for social care.

For individuals and businesses in the health and social care sectors, Caredemy’s safeguarding courses offer an excellent resource to enhance their knowledge and practice. With its CPD accredited, expertly designed courses, Caredemy proves to be a robust online platform for continuing professional development. Anchor your skills in safeguarding with Caredemy and help create a safer care environment.


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