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Why learn with us?


Why Learn with us?

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In the United Kingdom alone, the haunting reality is that one in five children experience severe maltreatment before they reach adulthood, highlighting the urgent need for action.

Our level 3 Safeguarding training course equips individuals to recognise and intervene in cases of abuse, offering a vital opportunity to protect the most vulnerable members of our society. It’s not just a course; it’s a moral imperative to safeguard our children from harm and ensure they have the chance to thrive.


Safeguarding Children Level 3 Course Online Training Overview

This  Safeguarding Children Level 3 online course will give an overview of assessment, evaluation, and interventions related to safeguarding and child protection.

Our Safeguarding Children courses are crafted and authored by certified professionals, ensuring comprehensive and expertly curated content.

Duration: 3 Hour     CPD Points: 3

What You Will Learn

Safeguarding Children Level 3 Course Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the learner will be able to: 

  • Describe a child and family-focused approach to identifying signs of child maltreatment
  • Explain the importance of identifying risk factors early so that support and interventions can be put into place
  • Understand the forensic procedures used to investigate incidences of suspected child maltreatment
  • Describe how findings from forensic examinations must be presented to meet legal and clinical requirements
  • Understanding issues around misdiagnosis and how to manage diagnostic uncertainty and risk
  • Understand the role of effective supervision, peer review, and the impact of safeguarding on professionals

On successful completion of the quiz, you will be awarded a CPD-accredited Safeguarding Children Level 3 free course certificate.


Course Content

Unit 1 of the Safeguarding Children Level 3 course delves into the importance of family dynamics and the principles of early help, emphasising risk analysis and assessing levels of need for effective intervention. Participants learn to recognise when to intervene and understand their professional responsibilities in safeguarding children.


Unit 2 explores the purpose of assessment, introducing the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and detailing principles for conducting effective assessments. Participants learn about factors to consider, parenting capacity, attachment styles, family dynamics, and the importance of maintaining accurate chronologies for effective analysis.


Unit 3 covers forensic procedures for physical and sexual abuse, emphasising good communication and strategies for managing uncooperative parents or families. Participants learn about preventing collusion, contributing to multi-agency groups, and addressing diagnostic uncertainty to improve outcomes for vulnerable children.

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Choosing the Right Course Level

We offer a diverse range of learning options tailored to various needs, catering for beginners to seasoned professionals in specific fields or industries. Drawing from our expertise in safeguarding and child protection, we ensure our courses align with the latest best practices, statutory guidelines, and legislation. Whether you opt for online, face-to-face, or virtual classroom learning, you’ll receive a personalised certificate of achievement and gain access to additional resources to bolster your ability to safeguard children.

Explore our Level 1 and Level 2 Safeguarding Children Courses today.

Your Certificate

On successful completion of the quiz, you will be awarded a CPD-accredited Safeguarding Children Level 

3 free course certificate. A digital copy will be emailed to you as soon as you successfully complete the course. 

You can acquire a physical certificate printed on high-quality certificate-grade paper for a small fee through your learner dashboard. It will be sent to your address within three working days. Please be aware that currently, we only deliver certificates to addresses within the United Kingdom.

Both physical and online certificates are recognised and accepted by Ofsted.

Is This Course RoSPA Assured?

This training course has received validation from RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, ensuring its quality and accuracy align with their rigorous standards and remain current. With a century-long legacy, RoSPA is dedicated to enhancing safety protocols across various sectors and advocating for elevated health and safety standards globally.

Who is this for?

Who is this Safeguarding Children Level 3 training course for?

This online course has been written at an introductory level 3 for all levels that fit the criteria to take training as part of their role. This includes

  • Refresher training
  • Inductions
  • Awareness
  • Knowledge enhancement

It is suitable for the following:

  • Health Care workers including Nurses, Doctors, Ambulance services, clinical and non-clinical workers
  • Social Care Workers including Councils, Carers and Care assistants
  • Youth workers including activity leaders, passenger transport services and volunteers
Target Audience Required Frequency of Refresher Training or Assessment by the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF)
Clinical staff (working with children, young people and/or their parents/ carers and/or any adult who could pose a risk to children), who could potentially contribute to assessing, planning, intervening and/ or evaluating the needs of a child or young person and/or parenting capacity (regardless of whether there have been previously identified child protection/safeguarding concerns or not). Every 3 Years

Safeguarding Children Level 3 FAQ

Safeguarding Children Level 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Your course is instantly allocated to you upon completion of your purchase.

Yes, the Safeguarding Children Level 3 course has been assessed and awarded a CPD accreditation by the CPD standards office.

Upon successful completion of the quiz at the end of the course, you will be instantly awarded a CPD accredited Safeguarding Children Level 3 course certificate to download or print at home for free. We also have an option for you to request a hard copy of the certificate sent to your home or work address.

Yes, the Safeguarding Children Level 3 course comes complete with unlimited exam retakes

Yes, the Safeguarding Children Level 3 course will aid refresher training. It will give evidence of an understanding for staff induction. It will evidence awareness and improve your knowledge aiding your current skillset. A certificate is awarded upon completion.

We offer a complimentary learner management system to view the learner's course progress, view quiz results and certification. We also offer a dedicated compliance matrix to aid with audits and inspections. 

Safeguarding Children Level 3

A child’s safety and needs should always come first, and health and safety care staff should never put the needs of parents and carers before the safety and wellbeing of a child. Early Help is a solution-focused approach to child safeguarding which aims to meet the needs of the child at the earliest possible opportunity and with the least intrusive intervention possible.

The Caredemy Safeguarding Children Level 3 online course provides an overview of the assessment, evaluation and interventions related to safeguarding and child protection. It’s a CQC-compliant course which meets the outcomes of the Core Clinical Framework and also qualifies as CPD training.

The course includes clear and simple user-friendly training materials and is covered by our 14-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Who is Safeguarding Children Level 3 Suitable For?

This course is designed for those who work with children on a regular basis and are involved with assessment, planning, evaluation or intervention. 

It is suitable for both clinical and non-clinical health care workers and social care workers as well as those involved in youth services such as activity leaders and passenger transport services. It is also useful for people volunteering in the health and care sector.

The course can be included in an induction training programme for new staff and can also be used as refresher training or ongoing CPD training.

What Topics Does the Safeguarding Children Level 3 Course Cover?

This Safeguarding Children Level 3 online course provides health and social care staff with an overview of the assessment, evaluation and intervention procedures as they relate to child safeguarding and child protection.

Completing this course will allow you to understand the child and family-focused approach to identifying risk factors and signs of child maltreatment, together with the importance of early identification and intervention. You will also learn the forensic procedures used in the investigation of suspected child abuse and how misdiagnosis can be avoided.

The first unit of this Safeguarding Children Level 3 course focuses on the importance of the family in child safeguarding. You will learn the main principles behind Early Help and why it is so important, as well as actions you can take if the family doesn’t consent to early intervention.

The course guides you through the different levels of intervention and your professional responsibility to refer children who you believe are at risk or in need.

The course also covers the CAF (Common Assessment Framework) including the factors involved in it and the principles that underpin a successful assessment. These include the child’s emotional development, identity and social relationships including their relationship with their parents. 

Parenting attachment styles and family environment factors are dealt with in detail, as these can have a major impact on children at risk or in need. 

The final unit of the course covers the forensic procedures that are necessary in the event of a suspected case of physical or sexual abuse. This includes the processes and procedures for examining children who may have been abused. Communication is a vital part of this process and you will receive guidance on good communication and how to work with uncooperative children. 

The course details how to respond to parents and families who are not willing to cooperate and how to prevent professional collusion. And, you will also be shown how to escalate concerns about a child at risk and how to work with multi-agency groups to improve safeguarding outcomes.

How is the Safeguarding Children Level 3 Course Assessed?

Completing the Safeguarding Children Level 3 online course requires around three hours of study. Once you have completed all three units of the course, you will then need to take an online exam to assess your understanding of the course materials.

The multiple-choice exam has a 70% pass mark and you can retake the exam if necessary as unlimited exam resits are included in your course fee. Once you have passed the exam, you will be presented with a free certificate to download or print.

How to Book a Caredemy Child Safeguarding Course

You can book your Level 3 Safeguarding Children course online through our website. If you prefer to book over the phone, you can contact our Student Support advisers on 0203 488 7599. 12 months of online access to the course materials will be provided immediately upon receipt of payment for the course. 

Once you have completed this course, you may also be interested in our Safeguarding Service Users from Abuse course.

If you are booking this course for staff or volunteers at your organisation, you can monitor their progress and certification through our free learner management system. We also provide a compliance matrix which you can use to assist with audits and inspections. 

Registering Multiple Users

You can book this course in large numbers, whether you are looking for a selection of staff or volunteers at your organisation, we can accommodate group bookings.

You can monitor their progress and certification through our free learner management system. We also provide a compliance matrix which you can use to assist with audits and inspections.

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Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £14.90.

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