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At Caredemy our aim is to offer user friendly, easy to navigate care courses at an affordable price. Our subscription includes access to over 160 courses for 12 months, as we add new courses we will include access to these too! We have included the care certificate course for free. This is equivalent to £5 per month or 0.37 pence per course. 

Our courses are assessed and accredited by the CPD standards office, and an exam and certificate is included too.

Our Courses

Acute Care
Advance Care Planning & Record Keeping
Age Discrimination
Alcohol-use Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults
Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children
Awareness of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
Blood Transfusions
Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace
Care Certificate Standard 1 – Understand Your Role
Care Certificate Standard 2 – Your Personal Development
Care Certificate Standard 3 – Duty of Care
Care Certificate Standard 4 – Awareness of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
Care Certificate Standard 5 – Work In A Person Centred Way
Care Certificate Standard 6 – Communication
Care Certificate Standard 7 – Privacy and Dignity
Care Certificate Standard 8 -Fluids and Nutrition
Care Certificate Standard 9 – Dementia Awareness
Care Certificate Standard 9 – Learning Disabilities Awareness
Care Certificate Standard 9 – Mental Health Awareness
Care Certificate Standard Number 10 – Safeguarding Adults
Care Certificate Standard Number 11 – Safeguarding Children
Care Certificate Standard Number 12 – Basic Life Support
Care Certificate Standard Number 13 – Health and Safety
Care Certificate Standard Number 14 – Handling Information (Information Governance)
Care Certificate Standard Number 15 – Infection Prevention and Control
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution in Primary Care
Conflict Resolution: An Introduction Level 1
Conflict Resolution: Contributing Factors Level 2
Conflict Resolution: Strategies for Communicating Level 3
Counter Fraud
COVID-19 Awareness
Cybersecurity and Fraud
Diabetes in Adults
Diabetes in Children
Disability Discrimination
Domestic Violence and Abuse – Level 1
Duty of Candour
Duty of Care
Dysphagia Awareness
Effective Communication
End of Life Care for Adults
Epilepsy Awareness
Female Genital Mutilation
Fire Safety Awareness
Fire Safety Awareness: An Introduction
Fire Safety Awareness: Fire Signs, Guides, Equipment, and Evacuation
First Aid – Basic Life Support (Resuscitation) Course
First Aid – Paediatrics (2 Courses Bundle)
First Aid (Resuscitation) Level 2 Course
First Aid at Work
First Aid Paediatrics : An Understanding
First Aid Paediatrics : CPR, Choking, and Resuscitation
Fit and Proper Persons Employed in Care (Level 4)
Fluid Balance & Vital Signs
Food Hygiene (Basic) Level 1
Food Safety
Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2
Gender Equality
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Good Governance in Care (Level 4)
Hand Hygiene
Health Safety and Welfare
Health Safety and Welfare in Primary Care
Home Care: Practical Support & Personal Care Delivery
Infection Prevention and Control for Clinical Workers
Infection Prevention and Control for Non-Clinical Workers
Infection Prevention and Control Level 1 In Health & Social Care
Infection Prevention and Control Level 2 in Health & Social Care
Infection Prevention and Control: Level 1 An introduction
Infection Prevention and Control: Level 2 (An understanding)
Infection Prevention and Control: Level 3 – Compliance and Management
Infections Associated With Working In Care (Level 4)
Information Governance
Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities: Good Communication Practices for Persons with Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities: Understanding the Types of Learning Disabilities
Lone Worker Essentials
Managing Oral Health
Managing Patient Deaths
Managing Patient Deaths: An Understanding – Level 1
Managing Patient Deaths: Communication & Empathy – Level 2
Managing Patient Deaths: Compliance & Management – Level 3
Medicine Drug Calculations
Medicines Control & Administration (Medication Management)
Medicines Control and Administration: Governance Arrangements and Accountability Level 2
Medicines Control and Administration: Risk Assessments, Reporting, and Administration Level 3
Medicines Management in Care Homes
Medicines Management in Social Care
Medicines Optimisation: An Introduction Level 2
Medicines Optimisation: Management Plan, Systems, and Reconciliation Level 3
Medicines Optimisation: Safe & Effective Use of Medication
Meeting Nutritional and Hydration Needs in Care (Level 4)
Mental Health Conditions
Mental Health Problems in People with Learning Disabilities
Mental Health Wellbeing at Work
Mental Wellbeing in Over 65s
Mentoring for Mentors
Moving and Handling in Primary Care
Moving and Handling of Objects
Moving and Handling Patients in Primary Care
Moving and Handling People
National Early Warning Score in Community Nursing & Residential Homes
Need for Consent (Level 4)
Palliative & End of Life Care
Parkinson’s Disease
Personalised Care Planning
Person-Centred Approaches Step 1
Person-Centred Approaches Step 1 and 2
Person-Centred Care
Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination
Premises and Equipment in Care (level 4)
Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Acute & Community Settings
Preventing Falls
Principles of Consent
Privacy and Dignity
Promoting Understanding of Equality, Diversity, & Human Rights
Providing Hydration – Fluids and Nutrition
Race & Ethnicity Discrimination
Receiving and Acting on Complaints in Care (Level 4)
Religion & Belief Discrimination
Risk Assessments
Safe Care and Treatment (level 4)
Safeguarding Adults Level 1
Safeguarding Adults Level 2
Safeguarding Adults Level 3 Course
Safeguarding Children Level 1
Safeguarding Children Level 2
Safeguarding Children Level 3
Safeguarding Service Users from Abuse & Improper Treatment
Sepsis Awareness
Sexual Orientation And Discrimination
Staffing in Care (level 4)
Stress & Burnout
Stroke Awareness & Rehabilitation
Suicide Prevention
Supporting Adult Carers (Level 3)
The Mental Capacity Act and Liberty Safeguards
The Prevent Strategy
Understand Your Role
Vaccinations and Immunisations
Vaccinations and Immunisations: An Understanding of the Importance of Vaccines Level 2
Vaccinations and Immunisations: Vaccination Schedules, Administration, and Procedures Level 3
Venous Thromboembolism
Verification of Death
What is Dementia?
Work related skin diseases
Working with Display Screen Equipment
Your Care Career
Your Personal Development
Your Personal Health Budget

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Assesment & Certification

You will be given a multiple-choice exam available at the end of the learning, you will be graded. On a pass mark of 70% or higher a certificate is issued.

You may retake the test at your convenience at no additional cost.

On completion of the exam, a free certificate is instantly available for you to download or print.

A hard copy certificate printed on certificate grade paper can be purchased for a nominal fee via your learner dashboard and are dispatched within three working days to your address. Please note at this time we currently only mail certificates to the United Kingdom. 

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Care Course Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Your course is instantly allocated to you upon completion of your purchase.

Yes, the courses have been assessed and awarded a CPD accreditation by the CPD standards office.

Upon successful completion of the quiz at the end of each course, you will be instantly awarded a CPD accredited course certificate to download or print at home for free. We also have an option for you to request a hard copy of the certificate sent to your home or work address.

Yes, the course comes complete with unlimited exam retakes

Yes, the course will aid refresher training. It will give evidence of an understanding for staff induction. It will evidence awareness and improve your knowledge aiding your current skillset. A certificate is awarded upon completion.

We offer a complimentary learner management system to view the learner's course progress, view quiz results and certification. We also offer a dedicated compliance matrix to aid with audits and inspections.  Visit our staff training page for more details

Yes, you can cancel your subscription renewal at any time. Simply view your order on your account page and you can cancel it from there.