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Why Learn with us?

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Course details

Food Safety: Level 1 Online Course Training Overview

This Food Safety: Level 1 online course will give an overview of the importance of food safety, food safety hazards, and allergens.

Duration: 1 Hour     CPD Points: 1

What You Will Learn

Food Safety: Level 1 Online Course Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the learner will be able to: 

  • Explain acts and regulations in place associated with food
  • Identify the hazards associated with food safety
  • Describe the different types of food safety hazards
  • Describe anaphylaxis


Course Content

Unit 1 of the Food Safety Level 1 course covers essential topics such as food safety awareness, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), and various food safety hazards including microbiological, physical, chemical, and allergenic hazards. It discusses how microbiological hazards can arise due to temperature conditions and explores the risks associated with physical hazards. Furthermore, it delves into chemical hazards, specifically addressing COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), and highlights the importance of understanding allergenic hazards, including the severe reaction of anaphylaxis.

Unit 2 of the course focuses on personal hygiene practices, covering dos and don’ts to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination. It provides guidance on cleaning techniques, and the use of detergents and disinfectants, and identifies specific areas that require cleaning attention. Additionally, it addresses proper storage, handling, and refrigeration methods, emphasising stock rotation to ensure food safety. The unit concludes by highlighting the importance of adhering to rules for refrigeration to break the chain of food poisoning.

The Food Hygiene Regulations (2006)

The Food Hygiene Regulations of 2006 hold significant importance in ensuring food safety and hygiene standards across the UK. They extend beyond the provisions of the Food Safety Act of 1990 by mandating that all food establishments adhere to strict guidelines in the preparation and serving of food to guarantee safety and cleanliness. These regulations establish it as an offence for businesses to distribute food that poses a risk to consumers’ health and well-being. Key stipulations include:

  • Mandatory registration of all food-producing enterprises with the appropriate regulatory bodies.
  • Accurate labelling of food products and adherence to quality standards.
  • Requirements for premises used in food preparation and sale to be designed and constructed to facilitate optimal hygiene practices.
  • Implementation of effective pest control measures within food establishments.

These regulations are fundamental to safeguarding public health and maintaining trust in the food industry.


The material covered in this course has received independent certification, verifying its alignment with universally recognised Continuous Professional Development (CPD) standards.

The Test and Your Certificate

Once you have completed the learning for each unit, the course is assessed by a multiple-choice examination. 

Upon successfully finishing the quiz, you’ll receive a CPD-accredited certificate for the Basic Food Hygiene Level 1 course. An electronic version will be promptly sent to your email upon completion, free of charge.

You can obtain a printed version of premium certificate-grade paper through your learner dashboard for a nominal fee. Delivery to UK addresses typically takes up to three business days. Kindly note that we presently only ship certificates within the United Kingdom.

Who is this for?

Who is this Food Safety: Level 1 Online Course training for?

This online course has been written at an introductory level 1 for all levels that fit the criteria to take training as part of their role. This includes:

  • Refresher training
  • Inductions
  • Awareness
  • Knowledge enhancement

This course is suitable for food handlers in the care or catering sector which includes hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, fast food retailers, takeaways, mobile food vans, catering kitchens, schools, colleges social care settings and hospitals.

This course is ideal for:

  • Chef/Cook
  • Bartender
  • Front of House
  • Catering Assistant
  • Midday Assistant
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Teacher
  • Charity Worker
  • Barista
  • Nursery Assistant
  • Health Care Workers
  • Clinical and non-clinical workers
  • Social Care Workers including Councils, Carers and Care assistants
  • Youth workers including activity leaders, passenger transport and volunteers

What are the Entry Requirements?

There are no entry requirements for our level 1 food hygiene certificate.

Basic Food Hygiene Level 1 FAQ

Basic Food Hygiene Level 1 Frequently Asked Questions

Your course is instantly allocated to you upon completion of your purchase.

Yes, the Basic Food Hygiene Level 1 course has been assessed and awarded a CPD accreditation by the CPD standards office.

Upon successful completion of the quiz at the end of the course, you will be instantly awarded a CPD accredited Basic Food Hygiene Level 1 course certificate to download or print at home for free. We also have an option for you to request a hard copy of the certificate sent to your home or work address.

Yes, the Basic Food Hygiene Level 1 course comes complete with unlimited exam retakes

Yes, the Basic Food Hygiene Level 1 course will aid refresher training. It will give evidence of an understanding for staff induction. It will evidence awareness and improve your knowledge aiding your current skillset. A certificate is awarded upon completion.

We offer a complimentary learner management system to view the learner's course progress, view quiz results and certification. We also offer a dedicated compliance matrix to aid with audits and inspections. 

No, if you engage in any aspect of food preparation, it's advisable to enrol in Level 2 training. This course is tailored for individuals who interact with food indirectly, without direct involvement in its preparation or handling. If your responsibilities include food handling, working with raw ingredients, or managing open food intended for public sale, Level 2 training is recommended.

The Level 1 course equips individuals for roles that don't involve handling raw or open food or engaging in food preparation. It's ideal for positions such as warehouse staff, stock assistants, kitchen porters, and similar roles that don't entail direct interaction with raw or open food items.

Completion of the course grants a certificate, indicating basic training completion. However, meeting inspection standards involves more than just training. Understanding additional responsibilities is essential. For more specific information on local requirements, consult your local council.

If uncertain about the suitability of this course for your role, consider opting for a Level 2 course.

Certainly. Upon meeting the passing criteria and finishing the course, you'll have the option to download your customised certificate. If you don't pass on your first attempt, you can retake the course as many times as needed.

There isn't a specific timeframe for when you must undergo training again. Typically, retraining occurs every 2 years, and we'll ensure you receive a timely reminder well in advance.

Food Hygiene & Safety Basic (Level 1)

All food business operators in the United Kingdom must provide their staff with food hygiene and safety training. It’s a legal requirement which helps to ensure that the food they prepare and serve is safe to eat and that their premises are safe to work in.

The Caredemy Level 1 Food Hygiene and Safety Basic course provides online training in food safety, food allergens and food safety hazards which meets the legal requirements for UK food handlers.

What is Food Hygiene Training?

All businesses which handle food must ensure that food safety procedures are put into place so that their premises are safe to work in and the food they prepare is safe to eat. Food safety training ensures that everyone who handles, prepares or serves food understands these procedures. 

Each member of staff needs to receive food hygiene training that is appropriate to their role so that they can comply with the relevant food hygiene standards. Food safety training will reduce the risk of food becoming contaminated through improper storage or cooking, cross-contamination or person-to-person contact. 

It can also help to improve quality control and reduce wastage, which can improve the food operator’s profitability.

Who is this Level 1 Food Hygiene Course Suitable For?

This Basic Food Hygiene training course is suitable for any staff who handle, prepare and serve food. This includes chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants in hotels, restaurants and catering kitchens as well as those working in schools, colleges, hospitals and care settings. 

Managers and supervisors who want to understand food safety regulations better may also find this food hygiene course useful.

This is an online training course which is written at an introductory level, making it suitable food safety training for employees at all levels. It is an ideal part of induction training for new staff members and can also be used as CPD training for existing staff.

What Does the Basic Food Hygiene and Safety Course Cover?

The Caredemy Food Hygiene and Safety Basic course is made up of two units. After completing both units, learners will have a basic understanding of food hygiene regulations. They will be able to identify and describe the different food safety hazards that can be present in a kitchen environment, and will also be able to recognise and describe anaphylaxis.

The first unit introduces food safety and HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) management. Different types of food safety hazards are explained, including physical, chemical, microbiological and allergenic hazards. Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) will be introduced and learners will be taught how to recognise the signs of anaphylaxis. 

The second unit of this basic food hygiene online course focuses on how to manage the hazards outlined in the first part of the course, including the principles of good personal hygiene and kitchen hygiene. Learners will also receive instructions on how to safely handle and store food, including the basic rules of stock rotation and food refrigeration. All of this will help them to reduce the risk of food poisoning in their kitchen.

Learners should expect to spend approximately 60 minutes completing this course, which is followed by a multiple-choice test with a pass mark of 70%. Free resits within 12 months are covered in the course fee if required.

Following successful completion of the course, learners can download a free Basic Food Hygiene certificate. The course is CPD accredited and 1 CPD point is awarded to learners who successfully complete the course and exam.

Caredemy Online Food Safety Training

Caredemy’s online training academy provides expert-designed online food safety training courses. All of our food hygiene courses are ideal for staff CPD training, and we take care to ensure that our care skills courses meet Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements for training. 

Online food safety training is a convenient way for staff in the food sector to keep their knowledge up to date with less impact on their day-to-day schedule. We provide a convenient online Learner Dashboard, which helps them to track their progress through the course syllabus. It is also an easy way for management to provide evidence of staff training and certification at inspection time. 

Access to the online materials is provided immediately after payment for the course has been received by Caredemy. Staff can revisit the course materials and resit the exam as often as required during the 12-month access period. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your Caredemy online food safety course but in the event of any problems, your course is covered by our 14-day Money Back Guarantee. 

To learn more about our online Food Hygiene and Safety Basic training course, please visit the course details page. You can also book your course on our website, sign up over the phone by calling 0203 488 7599 or email our Student Support team for further information.

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