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CPD human resources online training courses for human resources professionals. Stay up-to-date with the latest HR trends, laws, and regulations while enhancing your expertise in recruitment, employee engagement, performance management, and more. 

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Are you looking to advance your career in human resources? Our CPD online training courses are designed to help you stay updated on the latest trends, laws, and regulations while enhancing your knowledge in crucial areas such as recruitment, employee engagement, and performance management. With flexible online learning options, you can easily fit professional development into your busy schedule. Take the first step towards your career growth by enrolling in our HR CPD online training courses today.

Human Resources CPD Accredited Online Courses

Age Discrimination Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Awareness of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Conflict Resolution (3 Course Bundle)


Conflict Resolution in Primary Care Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Disability Discrimination Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Gender Equality Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Information Governance Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Modern Slavery Awareness Course


Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Promoting Understanding of Equality, Diversity, & Human Rights (7 Course Bundle)

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Race & Ethnicity Discrimination Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Religion & Belief Discrimination Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Suicide Prevention Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

The Prevent Strategy Extremism and Radicalisation

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Violence Against Women Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Whistleblowing Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Working with Display Screen Equipment Course

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £9.47.

Boost Your HR Career

Are you looking for a way to advance in your career in human resources? Consider enrolling in one of our CPD-accredited, online HR training courses. Our courses are designed to help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, laws, and regulations while enhancing your knowledge in crucial areas such as recruitment, employee engagement, and performance management.

Our online learning options are flexible, allowing you to fit professional development into your busy schedule. Whether you are looking to enhance your expertise in managing people, navigating employment law, or developing new recruitment strategies, we have courses to help you meet your goals.

Why Choose Us?

As one of the top learning and development providers in human resources, Caredemy is committed to providing our learners with trusted expertise and high-quality training. Our courses are always priced competitively, and our online platform gives you access to course material no matter where you are, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

With Caredemy’s CPD online training courses, you can take the first step towards advancing your career in human resources. So why wait? Enroll today and start making a difference in your career.

How to Enrol

Enrolling with us is simple! Just select the dedicated course page to book your childcare online courses effortlessly. Once you have purchased your course, you’re enrolled and you will be provided with your access through our online portal. With prices as low as 46p per learner per week, our courses are perfect training options for childcare providers of all kinds.

Should you require guidance in organising your staff training or have questions about specific courses, our knowledgeable Support Team is at your service. Additionally, we offer assistance in transferring your training program to our advanced Learner Management System.

Earn Your HR Course Certificate

After completing the training modules, you’ll undergo a multiple-choice assessment to evaluate your grasp of the material. To pass, you’ll need a minimum score of 70%. This assessment is conveniently administered online, offering instant grading for prompt feedback. If you don’t meet the passing score initially or wish to improve your grade, you can retake the assessment as many times as needed, at no extra cost. This flexibility ensures you can refine your understanding until you achieve the desired proficiency level.

Upon completing the exam, you’ll immediately receive a digital certificate, which you can download or print at your convenience. If you prefer a physical certificate on premium-quality paper, you can easily purchase it through your learner dashboard for a small fee. Physical certificates are dispatched within three business days and are currently available for delivery only within the United Kingdom.


Human Resources careers are attractive due to their dynamic nature and the opportunity to work closely with people across various organisational functions. Whether it's recruiting top talent, fostering employee development, or ensuring workplace compliance, HR professionals play a pivotal role in shaping organisational culture and driving business success.

When selecting the right HR course, consider factors such as your career goals, preferred learning style, and the specific areas of HR you're interested in exploring. Look for courses that offer comprehensive curriculum coverage, practical learning experiences, and opportunities for networking and professional development.

Enrolling in an online HR program offers several advantages, including flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. With online courses, you can study at your own pace from anywhere in the world, making it easier to balance your studies with work or other commitments. Additionally, online programs often incorporate interactive learning tools and resources to enhance the educational experience.

Fast-track options in HR courses provide an accelerated pathway to acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for a career in HR. These programs typically condense the curriculum into a shorter timeframe, allowing students to complete their studies more quickly and enter the workforce sooner.

Shorter versions of HR courses cater to individuals who may not have the time or resources to commit to a full-length program. These condensed courses cover essential HR topics in a more concise format, making them ideal for busy professionals looking to upscale or enhance their knowledge in specific areas of HR.

Accreditation bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and standards of HR courses in the UK. Accredited courses ensure that the curriculum meets industry standards and prepares students for success in their HR careers.

Mentorship programs offer valuable support and guidance to HR students as they navigate their academic and professional journeys. These programs pair students with experienced HR professionals who can provide advice, insights, and networking opportunities to help them succeed in their studies and future careers.

Yes, individuals from around the world can pursue HR courses online from the UK. Our online learning platforms offer a convenient and accessible way for international students to access high-quality education without the need to relocate or travel.

HR courses designed for career changers offer specialised training and support to individuals looking to transition into the field of HR from other industries or professions. These courses typically cover foundational HR concepts and practical skills essential for success in a new HR role.

HR courses in the UK adapt to emerging technologies by incorporating relevant content and tools into the curriculum. This includes topics such as HR analytics, digital recruitment platforms, and HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) software. Additionally, instructors may leverage online learning platforms and virtual collaboration tools to facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences.

UK HR courses integrate emerging topics like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation by exploring their impact on HR practices and strategies. This includes understanding how AI can streamline recruitment processes, automate routine HR tasks, and enhance decision-making through data-driven insights. Students may also learn about the ethical and social implications of AI in HR and develop strategies for leveraging these technologies responsibly.

Yes, many UK HR courses offer flexible learning options, including distance learning, to accommodate the needs of full-time working professionals. These programs allow students to balance their studies with work and other commitments by offering online lectures, asynchronous coursework, and virtual learning environments.

UK HR courses address the role of HR in driving organisational change and transformation by equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead change initiatives effectively. This includes understanding change management principles, communication strategies, and stakeholder engagement techniques to facilitate successful organisational transitions.

Some HR courses in the UK offer interdisciplinary study options that allow students to combine HR with other fields such as psychology or business management. These programs provide a holistic approach to HR education, integrating insights from related disciplines to enhance students' understanding of human behaviour, organisational dynamics, and strategic management.

UK HR courses prepare students for the challenges of managing diverse and remote teams in a globalised workforce by emphasising cultural competence, communication skills, and virtual collaboration strategies. Students learn how to foster inclusivity, build trust, and navigate cross-cultural differences to effectively lead and support remote teams across geographical boundaries.

Recommended introductory HR courses typically provide a comprehensive overview of key HR concepts, policies, and practices, making them ideal for individuals new to the field.

Top-tier advanced HR courses often include specialised topics delving deeper into advanced HR theories, strategies, and practices, equipping experienced HR professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to drive organisational success.

Understanding human resources is significant as it encompasses managing an organisation's most valuable asset—its people. HR professionals play a crucial role in recruiting, developing, and retaining talent, fostering employee engagement, and ensuring compliance with labour laws and regulations. By understanding HR principles and practices, organisations can optimise their workforce potential and achieve their strategic goals.

A background in HR opens up various career opportunities across industries and sectors. Some common HR roles include HR manager, recruiter, training and development specialist, compensation and benefits analyst, and HR consultant. Additionally, HR professionals may pursue leadership positions such as HR director or chief HR officer as they advance in their careers.

Prerequisites advisable before starting HR education include a strong foundation in communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. Familiarity with basic business concepts and an understanding of organisational behaviour can also be beneficial. Additionally, having a passion for working with people and a genuine interest in HR practices and strategies can contribute to success in HR education and careers.

Individuals well-suited for HR roles typically possess strong interpersonal skills, empathy, discretion, and the ability to handle confidential information with integrity. They are effective communicators, problem-solvers, and collaborators who can build positive relationships with colleagues at all levels of an organisation. Additionally, they exhibit a high level of professionalism, adaptability, and ethical behaviour in their interactions with others.

To assess if pursuing an HR education aligns with their aspirations, individuals can consider their career goals, interests, and values. They can research the various roles and responsibilities within the HR field, explore different HR courses and programs, and speak with HR professionals to gain insights into the industry. Additionally, reflecting on their strengths, skills, and personal attributes can help individuals determine if they have a genuine passion for working with people and contributing to organisational success through HR practices.

HR courses optimal for training and enhancing the workforce focus on developing essential skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork, as well as providing strategies for improving employee performance, productivity, and satisfaction. Additionally, courses on diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, and change management can help organisations create inclusive and supportive work environments that foster employee growth and success.

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