Workforce Development Fund (WDF) 2024-25

Workforce Development Fund (WDF) 2024-25

Ensuring Excellence in Adult Social Care through Targeted Learning & Development


The Workforce Development Fund for the fiscal year 2024-25 is an investment in the skills and continued professional development of the adult social care workforce. Managed by Skills for Care, the WDF provides funding opportunities for employers to support the learning and development of their staff.

How Can You Claim?

Employers can access funding either through established partnerships or by claiming directly from Skills for Care. Here are two primary ways to engage:

  • Partnership Route: Engage with a partnership that’s already part of the WDF.
  • Direct Access: Apply directly if you’re a larger employer or a non-partnership member.

Who Can Benefit?

What’s Changed?

Anticipate changes to funding as the adult social care sector evolves. Staying informed ensures you capitalize on the latest opportunities for funding.

Success Stories

Learn from others who have benefited from the WDF. See how the WDF has helped numerous organizations enhance their care services through targeted training.

Additional Funding Streams

Skills for Care offers other funding avenues including:

Get Started Now

Prepare your organization for the next steps in workforce development. Explore detailed guidance, eligibility criteria, and apply through the official Workforce Development Fund 2024-25 page.

Don’t miss the chance to nurture talent and enhance the quality of care provided by your skilled workforce. Act today to secure a brighter tomorrow for your team and the individuals they support.

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