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Stay updated on fire safety regulations, risk assessments, evacuation procedures, and more with our fire safety CPD-accredited online courses. Our flexible learning options ensure you can expand your expertise from home. 

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Level up your fire safety skills with our comprehensive training courses. Designed for professionals in all settings, from risk assessments to evacuation procedures and fire suppression systems. Earn CPD accreditation and enroll today to proactively address fire safety in your workplace or community.

Fire Safety CPD Accredited Online Courses

Fire Extinguisher Training Course


Fire Safety Awareness (2 Course Bundle)


Fire Safety Awareness: An Introduction Course


Fire Safety Awareness: Fire Signs, Guides, Equipment, and Evacuation Course


The Role of a Fire Warden Course



Fire Safety Online Courses

UK businesses and organisations are legally required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to provide employees and volunteers with fire safety training.

Everyone within the organisation must know what to do if they spot a fire or hear a fire alarm. Fire awareness training is an important way to help prevent fires, keep people safe and reduce damage from fire.

Online fire safety training is a convenient and cost-effective way to fulfil your legal responsibilities so that everyone understands these essential safety procedures.

Caredemy Online Fire Safety Training

Caredemy online fire safety training courses help organisations to keep employees and customers safe from harm while meeting their legal responsibilities. They deliver vital fire awareness information in a format that suits your busy schedule.

Our online training courses are full of practical safety tips, including common causes of fires, evacuation procedures and fire extinguisher training. Much of this information will be helpful at home as well as in the workplace.

It’s also important for businesses and organisations to appoint a designated fire warden, and our Fire Warden course covers fire warden duties and the theoretical side of training for the role of fire warden. This includes fire safety regulations, risk assessment and management. Fire wardens must also undertake practical training in using fire fighting equipment and other essential topics.

These online training courses will make your staff and volunteers aware of the dangers associated with fire and the practical steps they can take to control the risks.

Your Caredemy fire safety online training course fee includes the following:

  • Instant 24/7 access to mobile-friendly course materials
  • 12-month access to materials plus exam resits as required
  • Personal reporting dashboard for progress monitoring

Our clear course materials are designed by experts to meet the requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and our own quality standards. The materials can be studied online or downloaded for offline study, which makes it easy to fit training into a busy schedule. And a CPD-approved course certificate is available upon completing each end-of-course online assessment.

Caredemy’s fire safety online training courses are also included in our budget-friendly health and care training bundles. These give unlimited access to over 160 elearning courses, with prices starting from just 46p per week per user for 12 months of course access.

Who should take Caredemy online Fire Safety courses?

All UK organisations are required to provide fire safety for their staff and volunteers, so our fire safety training courses will be suitable for businesses and organisations in a diverse range of sectors.

The specific fire safety training required by each person will vary depending on the responsibilities of their specific role. Senior staff members in charge of fire risk assessments or evacuation procedures will require a higher level of training, and fire wardens will also need to undertake practical training not included in these courses.

Each course page gives examples of roles which may benefit from the course, but you should seek advice if in doubt.

How often should you provide fire safety awareness training?

Fire safety training should be provided as part of induction training and also as part of your regular refresher training at least once per year. 

This will ensure that team members are familiar with fire safety arrangements and the action they need to take if there is a fire. Staff members with additional fire safety responsibilities will require refresher training every six months.

Caredemy courses are excellent CPD training options, and have received CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) accreditation.

Why choose Caredemy for online fire awareness training?

Caredemy is a leading provider of fire safety elearning courses. Our online fire safety awareness courses are suitable for use on a wide selection of devices. Learning materials are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and deliver the latest industry knowledge in an easy-to-understand way.

Training managers and co-ordinators will find that our Learning Management System simplifies the task of organising staff training programmes. You can quickly enrol learners on the appropriate courses, track their progress and access records as required for annual inspections. And our support team can help you to migrate to the Caredemy LMS from your current administration system.

In fact, we’re sure Caredemy’s online fire safety training will satisfy your training requirements, so all of our courses come with a full 14-day Money-Back guarantee.

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You’ll find signing up for a Caredemy fire safety online course easy. Simply book your course directly through the page for your preferred course, and you’ll receive instant access to the course materials upon receipt of your payment.

If you need help planning a training programme or have any questions, you can also contact our expert Sales Team for assistance.


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