Care Management Matters Social Care Magazine and Caredemy Accredited Courses: A Recipe for CPD Success

Caredemy are excited to share the news of our official CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) accreditation. With this accreditation, we can offer peace of mind to the care providers we serve that they are receiving quality, expert education with our carefully curated online courses.

Our CPDSO accredited courses are the perfect companion to a membership with the Care Management Matters social care magazine (CMM). CMM is dedicated to delivering the topical and rigorously fact checked industry news you deserve, and Caredemy are proud to be their sponsor. 

Trust the winning combination of Caredemy courses and the CMM network to facilitate the continuing professional development that is so vital within the social care industry. 

What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing professional development (CPD) refers to the maintenance and development of skills and knowledge required within an
industry. In social care, continuing professional development is key to your establishment’s success. CPD can involve learning brand new skills as regulations and requirements change, or simply refreshing and reinforcing existing skills.

What Does it Mean to HaveCPD Standards Office Accreditation?

CPDSO accreditation is a rigorous process reserved only for providers offering the best, most accurate and up to date CPD resources. The
CPD Standards Office assessed our online courses to ensure they met the high standards required, and on 9
th February 2021, Caredemy was recognised as an official accredited course provider.

As a CPDSO accredited member, we abide by a strict code of practice and our member status is regularly reviewed. By choosing Caredemy,
you’re choosing CPD courses you can trust.

What is the Care Management Matters Social Care Magazine?

With regular contributions from expert bodies like the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Care Management Matters social care magazine is the perfect network for anyone within the care industry. CMM is trusted by executives and senior managers alike,
and whether you’re a care home director or manager yourself, or practice in another area, CMM will be home to all the latest hot topics within your sector.

Crucially, by keeping up to date with the freshest and most accurate industry news, you can gain a head start in pinpointing the ideal CPD courses for yourself or your team. By signing up, you’ll gain access to a range of exclusive benefits, from extended features and additional content, right through to early invitation to events and weekly news roundups delivered straight to your inbox.

What are the Benefits of Caredemy for CMM Members?

As a care home provider, director or manager, it can be difficult to keep up with new regulations and expectations. Caredemy courses
offer the convenient, expert coaching you need to keep your team educated and your establishment running smoothly.

We regularly provide valued members of Care Management Matters social care magazine with the professionally CPD accredited care
needed to aid their continuing professional development. Boasting over 100 CPD Standards Office accredited courses, we’re proud to offer the true breadth of niche knowledge needed to stay ahead of the game in a diverse and ever-changing industry.

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