Why Nursing Homes Use Online Care Training Courses

Why Nursing Homes Use Online Care Training Courses

In the digital age, you can easily access a high quality and affordable education online, from anywhere and at any time. While plenty of industries use this to their advantage, nursing homes have found it especially helpful in their unique field.

As life expectancy grows with modern medicine, the need for assisted living facilities has grown as well. Nursing homes are expected to meet high demands for expert staff that are skilled in custodial and medical care for the elderly. Studies have anticipated that demand for care homes in the UK will nearly double over the next 20 years. Also facilities are eager to find ways to support that influx of vulnerable people that will need assistance.

Yet nursing care homes face another big challenge – managers are constantly handling large numbers of resignations and dismissals. High turnover combined with the rapid job growth means care homes are continuously in the recruiting process. That puts a major strain on a facility’s budget and resources. Using a hiring agency is an expensive service while operating with staff shortages prevents a business from delivering services that make them money they need to function optimally.

It is an unfortunate cycle as budget cuts could create an unhappy work environment that staff is eager to leave. Operating short staffed also creates a tight schedule, where existing employees work long work weeks to make up for co-workers that have left. They are more likely to feel stressed, underappreciated, and burnt out. They might choose to also leave or give lower quality work as they become exhausted.

Caredemy offers CQC compliant and affordable CPD accredited training for nursing homes, following the relevant care frameworks. Our courses are ideal for induction or refreshing mandatory and specialist care training courses.

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