How training helps to care for those who care

The health and social care sector has faced an unprecedented challenge over the last two years and care staff have worked under extreme pressure on a daily basis, providing the vital services that those in their care rely on. They have been on the front line of the fight against Covid-19, both caring for their patients and supporting their patients’ families even when their own health was at risk. Despite unimaginable stress, they have continually faced and met the challenges presented to them.

Without well trained and motivated staff, the UK’s health and social care sector simply couldn’t function effectively, putting patient safety and quality of care at serious risk. Care staff deserve to feel valued and cared for, and to have the importance of their work recognised.

Protecting and supporting staff as they carry out their work is, therefore, a necessity for every care provider. If we fail to provide this essential support for the workforce, we risk the future success of the UK’s care sector. This support can take many different forms, from occupational health to wellbeing support services. But training also plays an important role in ensuring that health and social staff feel valued and supported.

Providing an effective staff training programme shows your staff that you value their work and their input into the care setting. This helps to raise motivation and morale levels in staff who have faced stressful situations at work every day for most of the last two years. It also demonstrates that you want to help them progress in their career, which can improve staff retention rates as they will be less likely to seek out new employment opportunities. A high quality staff training programme also makes it easier to attract the best candidates at recruiting time and identify those who are ready for progression into supervisory and management roles.

Of course, providing induction training and regular refresher training for your health and social care staff is a regulatory requirement for care providers. But it goes far beyond that as effective staff training also benefits you as the employer. Staff who have received proper training are less likely to have accidents, so absences due to sickness or accidents will be reduced. You will see improved staff productivity from care staff who have been provided with high quality training opportunities. And of course client safety will also be improved as properly trained staff make fewer errors, helping to provide a better experience for those in their care.

Online health and social care training from a care skills academy such as Caredemy helps you to provide these advantages to your staff with minimal disruption. They won’t need to travel away from home to receive training, so they can fit it in around their regular work and study from any location. Our CPD-accredited courses are ideal for induction training or mandatory refresher training and our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for learners to keep track of their studies.

For more information on Caredemy online health and social care training, visit or call our Customer Support staff on 0203 488 7599.

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