Annual Refresher Training for Care Staff

Annual Refresher Training for Care Staff

Annual mandatory refresher training is vital to ensure that staff are able to continue working safely within the care setting or home. But the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means that it can be difficult to schedule off-site training courses for staff who require them.

If staff training has expired or will expire shortly, online health and social care courses are the ideal way to resolve this situation quickly. They also help to minimise disruption to the day to day running of your care setting.

Moving and handling of people refresher training

It’s important to ensure that workers who assist and move people receive regular refresher training. This may be undertaken online if face to face courses are not yet possible.

If refresher training for assisting and moving is carried out virtually, it’s important to ensure that the online training is risk assessed and a record is kept of any gaps in training. Once face to face training is re-commenced, these gaps can then be addressed.

Basic life support and first aid refresher training course

First aid refresher training for care workers should take place every 3 years at a minimum, in order to ensure that a care setting has enough competent staff to manage emergency situations.

We recommend that basic life support training and first aid refresher courses are both scheduled at least once per year, and this training can be completed online. Workers should also be familiar with the specific Covid-19 CPR and resuscitation guidance that has been provided by the Resuscitation Council UK.

Fire safety refresher course

Care providers must ensure that staff know how to respond safely if there’s a fire in the setting. Fire safety courses for care workers should be undertaken annually and this fire safety training can be carried out online.

Food safety refresher mandatory training

It is a legal requirement for workers involved in the preparation, serving or storage of food to receive appropriate training. Food hygiene refresher courses can be undertaken online as well as training any new workers.

Health and safety awareness refresher mandatory course

Refresher health and safety awareness courses should be run annually. These can be carried out online, together with any additional training that is required.

Infection prevention and control refresher course

It is vital that all care staff receive infection prevention and control training, which should include the use of PPE, hand washing and personal hygiene.

Refresher training should be carried out annually and this can be done online. Ongoing monitoring should also be carried out and managers should address any concerns immediately. Additional training can be carried out online as necessary.

Management of medication refresher course

Workers should be assessed annually to ensure that they are able to administer medication safely and understand their role in the administration of medication. Workers should not administer any medications unless they have been assessed as competent.

Any workers who are not determined to be competent should undertake additional medication training for care staff before administering medication. This training may be delivered online.

Safeguarding adults refresher course

Annual safeguarding training courses should be undertaken online to ensure that care providers are able to recognise and report abuse. It may be necessary to provide additional training on how to safeguard individuals who are isolating due to Covid-19 exposure.

Any additional training that is required can be carried out online.

You can book your staff refresher training courses online or alternatively our expert Customer Support team can also help to plan your refresher training program. You can contact them by email at or by phone on 0203 488 7599

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