Caredemy has its CPD care courses assessed and approved

Finding online courses to trust can be a complicated process. When you’re in health and social care, the stakes to get training exactly right are higher than ever.

Caredemy is proud to announce that we have been assessed and approved by the CPD Standards Office on 9th February 2021. Please join us in celebrating this milestone for Caredemy’s continued success. Thank you for trusting us with keeping your Continuing Professional Development compliant and internationally recognised.

What is the CPD Standards Office?

Continuing Professional Development, often shortened to CPD, is the process of completing learning activities for continued career development. As you know, excellence is a neverending learning process. CPD allows health and social care professionals to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills proactively.

While undertaking a comprehensive overview of CPD provisions, the CPD Standards Office discovered a frightening variation in training standards. They knew something needed to be done to ensure all training courses were delivering the same standard of education. Its mission is to improve the quality of CPD by providing an independent accreditation.

CPD providers such as Caredemy go through a rigorous process to achieve the CPD Standards Office’s prestigious stamp of approval.

What is the Process of CPD Accreditation?

The process of getting accredited is meticulous to ensure only the best quality of CPD learnings become certified.

The first step is to seek consultation with the CPD Standards Office on which training courses are suitable for Continuing Professional Development. Together with their consultants, we deliberate on the best possible structure and outcomes of each class.

Next, training courses are directly submitted to the CPD Standards Office assessment team. Learning materials are reviewed for:

  • educational content
  • structure of units
  • learning objectives

This process takes an average of 6 weeks, and once a course becomes approved, you become eligible to display your authenticating symbol proudly.

At Caredemy, we have always taken the utmost pride in our work to help those working in health and social care achieve their professional goals. This accreditation is the most advanced documentation available to comply with industry standards, knowledge, regulations and guidelines.

What does CPD Accreditation mean for Caredemy?

Naturally, getting CPD accredited does not only mean that you get to celebrate an achievement.

Some of the benefits of Caredemy being CPD accredited are:

  • having our CPD certificates recognised internationally
  • being able to attract a wider variety of clients looking for high-quality CPD courses
  • being a CPD Standards Office recommended provider
  • access to CPD Standards Office research on what learners want from their CPD online courses
  • access to a network of other providers who share their best practises
  • demonstrate the best possible service in a competitive industry

About Caredemy

At Caredemy, we pride ourselves on being a fully compliant online care skills academy for healthcare, social care and child care. Our affordable courses are written by qualified professionals and always comply with relevant care frameworks, as well as now being CPD Standards Office accredited and approved. Unlimited resits and a personal reporting dashboard offers a helping hand in continuing professional development.