Caredemy is proud to receive approval from CPD Quality Standards

Caredemy is proud to receive approval from CPD Quality Standards

As an online careskills academy, Caredemy is fully committed to providing the UK care sector with training and support of the highest standard. And as part of this commitment, we’re pleased to announce that our CPD online training services have recently been approved by CPD Quality Standards.


This demonstrates the high quality of Caredemy courses and their suitability for ongoing CPD training for the care sector.

What is CPD?

CPD, meaning Continuing Professional Development, is the name given to learning activities that professionals undertake as they progress through their career.


There are three basic types of CPD:


  • Structured CPD is a practical form of active learning that includes workshops, seminars and distance learning courses.
  • Reflective CPD is a more one-directional and passive form of learning. It includes methods such as watching video seminars or listening to podcasts.
  • Self-Directed CPD involves unaccompanied and unstructured forms of learning such as reading trade magazines or books by industry specialists.

The Benefits of CPD

CPD allows workers in the care sector to demonstrate their commitment to keeping their skills and knowledge up to date. It’s also a record of their learning and can help to progress their career.


The benefits of CPD for individuals include boosting your confidence, strengthening your professional credibility and preparing you to gain promotion so that you can take on greater responsibilities.


CPD benefits for organisations include boosting morale in your workforce, improving your brand perception and ensuring consistently high standards throughout your company.


Who are CPD Quality Standards?

CPD Quality Standards (CPDQS) seeks to ensure that high quality accredited CPD resources are widely available to the people and organisations who need to access them.


The quality of CPD can vary greatly, so CPDQS offers a way of ensuring that professionals are accessing learning opportunities that are both high quality and good value for money.


Training organisations who work with CPDQS are put through a rigorous assessment to ensure that their services are of a consistently high standard. CPDQS also helps training organisations and course providers to improve standards where necessary.


All of this means that learners can have total confidence in the CPD accredited activities they undertake. And that will allow them to enjoy a productive and successful CPD experience.

Caredemy are now CPDQS accredited

CPD accreditation from CPDQS means that you can rely on the high quality of all Caredemy online training courses.


Our CPD online courses have been assessed and reviewed by CPDQS assessors, to make sure that they meet the standards set for CPD providers. The criteria for these standards are based on CPDQS’s wealth of experience and research in the sector.


Meeting these criteria means that our online training courses are now CPD accredited through CPDQS. And achieving this accreditation is an illustration of Caredemy’s dedication to providing industry-standard training activities for professionals in the care sector.


So you can be sure that when you book your next CPD courses with Caredemy, you will be receiving training of the highest standard.

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