Caredemy joins the Association of Healthcare Trainers

Caredemy is proud to announce that we’re now a member of the Association of Healthcare Trainers and is entirely committed to following the AoHT code of ethics. Since the beginning of Caredemy, we’ve been eager to obtain this membership to create a significant difference in how the healthcare sector delivers training and enhance the overall quality for future healthcare workers.

As an online training platform, we wanted to develop a new and innovative way to offer highly credible training that can change our healthcare sector at a low price. With this, we’re now able to achieve this by guaranteeing quality throughout our training by following a strict code of ethics.

The Association of Healthcare Trainers, or AoHT, is the UK’s most substantial non-profit member association for those who teach within the healthcare sector. AoHT was founded by healthcare trainers, for healthcare trainers. This was to increase the effectiveness of learning in the healthcare sector, and from joining such a highly driven association, we’re now able to teach under the AoHT guidelines to guarantee a professional standard.

The purpose of Caredemy obtaining this accreditation from the Association of Healthcare Trainers was because we wanted to ensure our customers had access to convenient online training, and also to guarantee the following:

  • Quality of training – Our trainees are now ensured that they’ll receive a high level of lawful, relevant, and maintainable training. This means our clients can gain much more superior training by offering courses that abide to the rigorous Code of Ethics supplied by the AoHT. 
  • Customer guarantee – Including the above, customers are also protected by a guarantee. As mentioned, the training guideline set out by the AoHT is exceptionally stringent. Due to this, healthcare workers who enrol in training with Caredemy are guaranteed that they’ll receive a high-quality service throughout. 
  • Up-to-date practices – Another vital factor of receiving this accreditation is that we must follow relevant and up-to-date procedures to make sure healthcare workers can accurately teach and implement them in real-life situations. This dramatically decreases the risks involved within the sector and reduces the worry that some workers may experience.

As you can see, our trainees can receive an abundance of different benefits from us being a member of the AoHT. Most notably, the quality of relevant training. In recent years, the healthcare sector has changed significantly. To cope with these changes, new practices have been instigated within the industry to increase per-person efficiency. Without this, it would be increasingly challenging to accommodate these changes, which is why we’re joyed to now be members of AoHT.

If you’re ready to take action today and develop a better future for the healthcare sector for you or your workforce, contact us. Here at Caredemy, we have a team packed with bright and like-minded individuals who want to change the way people undergo training. So, join the new revolution today of low cost elearning and start reeking the benefit of its inexpensiveness, quality-value, and convenience.  

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