Enrol in safeguarding children online course

Working with children means that you need to be aware of any warning signs that something else could be going on. Our Safeguarding Children Level 1 course will give an overview of safeguarding and the statutory duty of all staff to safeguard children. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to :

  • Describe the term safeguarding
  • Define the terms ‘child’ and ‘young person’
  • Explain who is responsible for safeguarding and what your role is
  • Describe the risks associated with the internet and social networking
  • Describe local procedures for reporting concerns
  • Identify sources of support with issues associated with child protection and safeguarding
  • Understand how parents’ and carers’ physical and mental health, exposure to domestic violence, and substance abuse impacts children’s safety and wellbeing
  • Define the terms ‘abuse and ‘child maltreatment’

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