Change your career path with our carer induction courses – Carer Training Online

If you’re someone who is naturally empathetic, caring and understanding, you may feel that you’ve always wanted to have a job that requires looking after others. Being a carer is an incredibly rewarding career to have, but it can be hard knowing where to start.

If you have a genuine interest in working in the care sector, we have a range of options for you to choose form. Perfect for beginners, our New To Care Online Courses are the best way to start.

Amongst these options, our Safeguarding Adults Level 1 is a great place to begin.

This online course will give you an overview of the safeguarding and the role that health and social care workers play in working with and identifying vulnerable adults. Upon completion of this course, you’ll get a CPD accredited certificate and an understanding of:

  • Describe the different types of abuse that effects adults
  • Understand the terms radicalisation and extremism
  • Understand key legislation related to safeguarding adults
  • Describe the term safeguarding
  • Understand what causes an adult to be at risk for abuse
  • Describe how you can prevent abuse by promoting well-being and dignity
  • Understand how you can work in a person-centred and empowering way with adults
  • Describe how to raise concerns when abuse is suspected

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